Best Of Britain: Cottage Pie Recipe

Date: May 30,2022

Cottage pie is a traditional dish loved and served by hundreds of thousands of families all year round, enjoyed if it rains, snows, sun shines or is windy, it is a dish guaranteed to lift your spirits and fill that hole in your tummy.

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Lancashire Finest Hot Pot Recipe

Date: Jun 06,2022

The Lancashire Hot Pot. A meal that comes from Britain's industrial age. Encouraging families to work as a team to prepare this meal over many hours of slow cooking. Both men and women would watch over the meal when they were not working long hour

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Grilled Chicken/Steak Kebab Recipe

Date: Jun 07,2022

Nothing says summer like a delicious chicken/steak kebab cooked on a bbq. This Sunshine sizzler has and will continue to be an instant summer hit for any family and friend outing.

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Traditional Beef Stew Recipe

Date: Jun 10,2022

The Traditional British Stew. Utilising the great taste of British Beef!

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Iconic British Sunday Roast Recipe

Date: Jun 15,2022

Sunday Roast. A meal that can be prepared using almost any type of meat. No other meal represents a family gathering better and this has been the case since the 1700s. A meal that also has many variations to commemorate various celebrations.

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Gammon, Egg And Chips Recipe

Date: Jun 13,2022

It is safe to say that for most of us at one point in our lives, we have gone home to Gammon, egg and chips.

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Full English Breakfast Recipe

Date: Jun 17,2022

A meal that almost everyone can name the ingredients of. However, for the uninitiated; let's break down a meal that has its British origins in its name.

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Lamb Shanks – Slow Cooked Recipe

Date: Jun 29,2022

Lamb Shanks when slowly and gently cooked are a fantastic dish! Here at Shukers Butchers Jackson Street we have a great offer on for our Lamb Shanks, so here is a great recipe for this delicious, delectable, and mouth-watering piece of meat!

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Beef Wellington Recipe

Date: Jul 05,2022

Beef Wellington. An English dish which capitalises on the use of the Great British Beef. Wrapping this top quality meat in a pastry to create something truly magnificent. Let us dive into how you can create this masterpiece using what we have available.

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BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe

Date: Jul 10,2022

Get the BBQ going, and get ready to fall in love with this tender and juicy recipe. It is sure to be a hit with everyone at the table.

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